We offer FREE delivery on all our products providing you are in our service area High Country Drinking Water Solutions is committed to making sure your order gets into your hands fast and efficiently. your order is shipped personally by one of our friendly team and we visit all areas in our service area fortnightly, please contact us to see when someone will next be in your area.

We do not currently offer delivery to areas outside our service area, click on the below button to view our service areas.

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We are confident in the quality of our premium water and products and we offer a 365 day no questions asked return or replacement policy.


All of our products come with a 2 year warranty. 

Will High Country Pure Water fit my existing dispenser?

Yes our High Country pure drinking water fits all Floorstanding and Benchtop dispensers.

How it works?

Water For Your Home And Office

High Country Water has developed a solid reputation for providing premium water and delivery services at an affordable price.

Water Delivery

At High Country we provide regular water delivery to your premises. Our delivery service is free and includes installation, cooler servicing, regular delivery and the ability to respond to any ordering or maintenance requests. We provide a friendly and customer orientated service. To see how you can join our satisfied customers, please follow the quick steps below.

Step 1 – Place an order

To become a valuedHigh Country Water delivery customer, please place a minimum order of one cooler rental or purchase a dispenser.

Step 2 – Online Payment

Complete the online purchase form to confirm your order. Over the phone credit card transactions are welcome and there are no surcharges on any of our products. So feel free to call us on 1300 139 131
For subsequent purchases please feel free to login to your customer profile. Minimum orders of $40 apply.

Step 3 – Your Delivery Service

As a High Country customer you will be placed on a fortnightly delivery schedule. A customer service manager will notify you of your delivery date following confirmation of your payment.
If you require additional water during our fortnightly service you can contact our High Country customer management team.
Please note: delivery runs may change to monthly during the winter period.

Final Step – Delivery to Your Door

Please have your empty water bottles ready for collection. Your dedicated High Country delivery driver will replace the empty bottles or deliver the amount of bottles you require.
Unlike some competitors, we do not enforce minimum orders. If one or two bottles are required, that is absolutely fine!

More Information

For more information please contact one of our dedicated customer management team members.